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Forensic Investigation Services

Fraud and corruption are very real risks for businesses in Africa. The vulnerability inherent in this electronic age, the reputational damage, direct costs, and the down time that can be associated with the risk of fraud and corruption, makes selecting the right team to investigate, gather the facts and support a company’s management team and the responsible parties involved critically important. Equilibrium Forensic Investigation Services believes that fraud represents a significant potential risk to both public and private entities’ assets and reputation.


Equilibrium is able to assist our current and prospective clients in ensuring full compliance with the applicable polices and legislation. We are able to assist our clients to put in place systems, policies and procedures to ensure improved business processes, achieve efficiencies and ensure good governance.


Equilibrium Forensic Investigation Services will further be able to assist management with the review of the abovementioned aspects within the organisations with a view to strengthening and monitoring effectiveness.


We offer the following services:


Commercial crime investigations (i.e. fraud, theft, corruption etc.);

Special investigations (i.e. organised crime, fronting, collusion, favouritism, misappropriation, racketeering, skimming, etc.);

Background and lifestyle audits;

Statutory inspections;

Due diligence and verification audits;

+ Fraud/theft investigations, corruption, white-collar crime, money laundering;

Procurement irregularities and non-compliance with policies and procedures;

+ IT Fraud;

Fraud awareness training and fraud prevention programmes;

+ Preparation and implementation of anti-bribery policies and procedures;

Compliance review of policies and procedures;

Anti-bribery compliance investigations;

+ The recovery of stolen money/assets and misappropriated/mismanaged public funds;

+ Forensic interviews and interrogations;

+ Asset tracing; and

+ Training