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Performance Management and Development System

The Equilibrium PMDS is developed to link to the core strategic goals of the organisation.  We maximise existing programmes or we can develop and implement new programmes using our customised process that is directly tied to objective and performance based job profiles.  In addition, we assist with a performance rating method that will enhance employee development and performance.


Our PDMS is a web based online system making it easy and convenient for management and the employees to complete. Once the parties have completed the PDMS online, our professionals will sit in the appraisal meeting where the parties discuss the rating and identify growth areas for the employees. The process is done in a conducive environment that allows for the employees to express their concerns and therefore allow for management to address all issues that might be negatively impacting on the employees’ conditions of service and consequently on their performance.

Our system makes it easy to monitor performance as it tracks the employee’s progress throughout the review period. The process involves the following stages which are all done online, thus making it easy to manage Goal Setting: the supervisor sends a link to all employees for them to set their goals for the specified period.


Goal Tracking: The employees receive periodic reminders of their goals and are requested to update the status of their goals.


Performance Review: Every six months, the employee and supervisors are required to complete a performance review form. The information will be populated to indicate areas of excellence and areas where improvement is required. A report will be prepared.


Appraisal: At the end of the year, the employee completes the appraisal form online. The supervisor will get a notification once the employee has completed the form, and the supervisor will complete the form. The parties will then meet for the appraisal, in the presence of our independent appraiser. A report will be prepared, indicating areas where the employee is performing well, and where improvement is required, providing proposals for achieving the required performance. These proposals will be used as a guideline when the employee formulates his/her goals for the succeeding year.