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Our approach is to empower our clients with the best knowledge to ensure that persistent errors do not occur. We have training programmes that are designed specifically for each audience to ensure that our trainings are relevant, engaging and beneficial.


Before training we take time to understand the culture of the client, the background of the trainees, the expectations of the trainees and the environment that would best suit the trainees. Our presenters make use of the collected information to ensure that the training is customised for the audience.


We make use of visual and audio technology in our presentations to ensure that they are lively and engaging. We also use exercises that ensure that the Trainees participate and fully understand the concepts.

The following are some of the training programmes that we offer.


Training on the Companies Act 2008.

+ Training on the Consumer Protection Act.

+ Training on Basic Conditions of Employment Act and CCMA rules.

Training on BBBEE and Employment Equity.

+ In – house training on professional etiquette and business writing

+ HIV/Aids Workplace Management

+ How to conduct a disciplinary hearing / disciplinary procedures.

Business writing skills.

Time management.

+ Financial management and planning.

Leadership development.

+ Communication skills.

Board and management meetings and committees

Board inductions

It will be noted that this list is not exhaustive